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Get to Know Richard Launder

Name: Richard Launder Occupation: President and CEO Years in the travel industry: 39 years Years with Destination America: 1999 - Present What roles and/or experiences have you had with Destination America (DA)? President (1999-2003), President and CEO...

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Richard Launder in Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Active Trips with Destination America

At Destination America, we saw an opportunity to blend the appeal of an active vacation with the comfort of a classic guided vacation. This way, guests can join like-minded travelers and explore more remote locations knowing that their travel needs, lodging, and...

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Hikers in Zion National Park, Utah

Get to Know Maggie Rosenberg

Name: Maggie RosenbergOccupation: Travel Experiences DeveloperYears in the travel industry: 10 yearsYears with Destination America: 2 yearsPut simply, what do you do at DA as a Travel Experience Developer? I source experiences and develop itineraries for...

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Get to know Maggie Rosenberg