Active Trips with Destination America

January 9 / 2022

At Destination America, we saw an opportunity to blend the appeal of an active vacation with the comfort of a classic guided vacation. This way, guests can join like-minded travelers and explore more remote locations knowing that their travel needs, lodging, and meals are handled. The results are our distinct Active Trips.  

What is an Active Trip? 

These itineraries are designed with an active lifestyle in mind, with walks and hikes on most days. Hikes can range from easy/moderate to strenuous. Though no technical climbing skills or seasoned hiking experience is required, a reasonable level of fitness is recommended to make the trip more enjoyable. Understanding that not all people want to hike at the same pace, distance, or even on the same trail, our Travel Directors, where possible, host map orientations and then let guests disperse to enjoy the self-guided trails best suited to them.  

Hikers in Capitol Reef National Park in Utah

Pinnacle of Comfort and Safety 

A seamless blend of comfort and adventure, these active itineraries are perfect for those who wish to combine the stellar trips Destination America is known for with the excitement of the wilderness of North America. Our knowledgeable Tour Directors are there every step of the way to ensure that guests arrive early at each location and are prepared with tips, recommendations, and a packed lunch.

Due to natural scenery being an integral factor of these itineraries, hiking and other activities are at the mercy of the weather conditions. Should these experiences be impacted by rain, snow, wind, heat, or fire, our team is able to adjust the program as necessary to keep everyone safe and comfortable. 

Some of the walking and hiking options on these trips include a few steep ascents and descents with significant elevation gain and loss. While the terrain is generally well established, it can range from fully developed trails to rocky surfaces. As these trips take guests deeper and higher into nature, we recommend that they should bring lightweight hiking shoes or boots, broad-brimmed sun hats, sunglasses, layered clothing, reusable water bottle(s), a hiking day pack, and hiking poles (optional). 

Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite

Such Great Heights 

With these itineraries, we want guests to have the opportunity to go beyond the top sights of a destination. In Northern California, we venture into the idyllic fields of Tuolumne Meadows. At 8,600 ft and in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, this incredible meadow explodes into a myriad of colors in the summertime. Intersecting the extensive Pacific Crest Trail, this location is not often frequented by tourists so guests can find moments of solitude and stillness.

Each day on these trips, guests are met with everything that nature has to offer, our active itineraries do travel to high elevation locations up to 9,000 – 10,000 feet. As weather and temperature levels can vary at these heights, the perceived level of difficulty can vary on the activities planned.  

With these hikes, guests are rewarded with breathtaking views, and awe-inspiring perspectives into the great outdoors. Designed for both the nature enthusiast and the avid hiker, these itineraries are sure to delight and attract a new audience to guided group travel. 

Have questions? We have answers!

No matter what your guests’ trip style is, Destination America can design and build the perfect itinerary that encompasses the unique travel demands of your guests. To get a quote on your own exclusive experience, please contact our travel experiences team and learn more about our customization options.


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Hikers in Zion National Park, Utah

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At Destination America, we saw an opportunity to blend the appeal of an active vacation with the comfort of a classic guided vacation. This way, guests can join like-minded travelers and explore more remote locations knowing that their travel needs, lodging, and meals...
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