The Two Sides of Antelope Canyon

January 12 / 2022

Just beyond Page, Arizona, and part of Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, is the scenic wonder of Antelope Canyon. A place like no other, this surreal slot canyon features stunning colorful sandstone created by layers of rain, wind, and erosion. 

To experience this hidden gem, guests hike with a Navajo guide. An integral piece of Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, Antelope Canyon has only been accessible to visitors since 1997. During this experience, guests can uncover the history and heritage of this land while supporting local tribe members. 

Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona

Typically, guests visit the Upper Antelope Canyon on a two-hour tour. At ground level, this portion of the canyon has less than a 2% incline. Starting from Page guests meet their Navajo guide and embark on a four-wheel-drive vehicle ride through the sandy riverbed to the canyon entrance. From here, guests traverse through a now one-way path through the phenomenal rocks and scenery. This new route was established in 2020 to help enforce social distancing amongst guests.  

Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite

In our active itinerary trips, however, guests can explore the Lower Antelope Canyon. Roughly the same tour length as the Upper Canyon, guests meet their guide closer to the canyon so no additional transportation is required. As the lower canyon requires more walking through rocky and sandy terrain, it is usually less crowded than its upper canyon counterpart. Guests use five ladders of varying steepness to descend into this canyon and are greeted with a kaleidoscope of colors. This route is more challenging due to its terrain and narrow sections that are more difficult to walk through. But the incredible light effects and sloping rocks make the more strenuous trail worth every step. 

Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite

An adventure into the depths of the canyon and accompanied by their Navajo guide, this experience is perfect for avid photographers and those looking to dive deeper into this incredible feat of nature. 

If your guests would like to continue to explore this feat of nature, additional tours of lesser-known canyons in this area can also be arranged. 

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Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona

The Two Sides of Antelope Canyon

Just beyond Page, Arizona, and part of Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, is the scenic wonder of Antelope Canyon. A place like no other, this surreal slot canyon features stunning colorful sandstone created by layers of rain, wind, and erosion.  To experience this...
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